Buhay Talaan ni Felipe - 2

Mamaalam, tala kong may ngiti, saglit lamang, may huling habilin, sa gitna ng yong paglalakbay, sa dako mong ihihimlay dalhin ang payapa't pangakong wagas. Patawad. May lunas pa araw nananamlay mong diwa s'yang may gamay ng malay mong tilang hiram. Itong minamataa, daang tinitimbang, dala, tang kong alay. Mamaalam sa mundong kay lupit, sadya kayang nilihis sa pait. Sa gitna ng yong paghihimlay, manlako kang maghihintay. Dalhin sa paaglitis. Taglay ng tamis. Paalam. ["Alay," Aia de Leon]

lunes, julio 04, 2005


Everytime I go out driving, what I see on the streets frustrates me. Squatters, garbage, j-walkers (on edsa and SLEX pa, ha?), lousy cops (police in the Philippines are as good as shit... Literally... Bad, stinky and cannot be trusted... pure evil), traffic, and etc. But what makes me go nuts even more are the crazy bus, taxi, jeepney and even tricycle and pedicab drivers. Why oh why do they have to be so annoyingly undisciplined? They make driving in the metro a stressful and oftentimes a risky activity.

Just a reflection, if the common Pinoys can't perform simple discipline to basic activities such as driving and maintaining cleanliness in a community, how can you rely on these same people to be part of the country's progress?

The sad thing is that they represent the majority of the Pinoys.


I turned on the TV today. Watched the news. Rally dito, rally doon. Almost everyone has the same rantings, the same "demands." And I uphold the same question as before...