Buhay Talaan ni Felipe - 2

Mamaalam, tala kong may ngiti, saglit lamang, may huling habilin, sa gitna ng yong paglalakbay, sa dako mong ihihimlay dalhin ang payapa't pangakong wagas. Patawad. May lunas pa araw nananamlay mong diwa s'yang may gamay ng malay mong tilang hiram. Itong minamataa, daang tinitimbang, dala, tang kong alay. Mamaalam sa mundong kay lupit, sadya kayang nilihis sa pait. Sa gitna ng yong paghihimlay, manlako kang maghihintay. Dalhin sa paaglitis. Taglay ng tamis. Paalam. ["Alay," Aia de Leon]

martes, mayo 31, 2005

American Idol


Man 1/2 Way in Quest to Visit 1,000 Bars
By LARRY McSHANE, Associated Press Writer Mon May 30, 6:56 AM ET

NEW YORK - A bit of barroom philosophy, courtesy of Dan Freeman: The longest journey begins with but a single sip. Freeman should know. The Brooklynite set out Jan. 1 to visit 1,000 bars in a single year, a cocktail lounge quest that began with one scotch and soda in Mike's Pelham Grill.

Barely five months and 499 bars later, the Don Quixote of drink is halfway to completing his boozy impossible dream.

Why 1,000 bars, you ask? Why not?

"There wasn't any grand scheme," explained Freeman, a tall draft beer in hand at bar No. 500, The Gate in Brooklyn. "I just wanted to see how many bars you could hit in a year, and 1,000 seemed reasonable."

The retired computer consultant launched a simultaneous blog about his pursuit, converting Freeman into a semi-cult cyber star. Several online fans greeted Freeman at The Gate recently, getting their pictures taken or sharing a drink and a story.

"I'm jealous as all hell of you," said Dan Ross of Brooklyn, sipping a beer and shaking Freeman's free hand. Another fan offered this post on the blog: "Congrats to you and your liver."

Freeman, no surprise, is a character — charming, gregarious, well-traveled. He sported a baseball cap plugging "Fiji Bitter, The Sportsman's Beer." He wore a bright blue and orange shirt, with his quick smile flashing often through a white beard.

He aims to visit four or five bars a day, although that number varies. He's knocked back a Sam Adams at the Raccoon Lodge in lower Manhattan, a sake at the Kotobuki Bistro in Brooklyn, and a gin and tonic at Hobson's Choice in Hoboken, N.J.

It's not as much fun as it sounds. Or so Freeman insisted, a smile spreading across his face.

"Some days it's like work," he said. "You look up and it's, 'Ah, 1 p.m., I'd better go hit my five bars.' It's really more fun than anything, going around and talking to people."

His one-day high was 12 bars in 12 hours during a Mexican vacation, and quite a high it was. But his wife, Yum Chin, said Freeman has generally behaved during his party of one.

"He's been pretty responsible," Chin said, "with a few lapses we won't talk about."

Freeman is quick to observe this is no 12-month bender. He generally has but one drink in a bar. He never counts the same bar twice, and each place must have an actual bar where he can sit and order a drink. A cocktail with dinner, seated at a table, is invalid.

"If you stop to think, I'm drinking 3 or 4 beers a day," he said. "I'm not pounding down a fifth. It sounds like a lot more alcohol consumption than it is."

Freeman, who spends much of his time walking between bars, said he's actually lost three pounds since January.

He scribbles down his notes about each bar on a tiny white pad, or sometimes on recipe cards. Mostly, he offers a brief description and a notation about his drink. Like No. 458, the Reade Street Pub:

"A long, narrow, fairly dark place. Wood-grained Formica bar with tile foot rests. Shaded globe lights hang over the bar. The wall behind the bar is paneled with mirrors ... I had a Reade Street Ale. How could I not?"

Given his current pace, Freeman hopes to finish his work early. Tentative plans are for a midtown Manhattan visit to bar No. 1,000 on Dec. 4, his 61st birthday, although he remains philosophical about that, too.

"It's like somebody posted on my blog ... 'If you don't have a dream, how can you make a dream come true?'" Freeman said. "I'm not sure exactly how that translates to this, but OK."

Natter natter natter

Bakit yung ibang "bisexual" sa downelink at connexion mukhang parlorista? HARSH! Ehehe ehehe.

* sigh

It's disappointing to know that DL got degraded from cool to jolkwating (imbento ko!). Like what KayDee told me a few days back, "Ang dami nang J****s sa DL. Nakakainis!" Well, it's free. It's non-exclusive. Anyone can log in. Kumbaga, it's public.

* sigh

So much for looking for a cool PLU gang from Alabang.

Which reminds me. I miss my Southies!!!! If you're reading this, INUMAN NAMAN TAYO PLEASE??? 2 weeks na akong walang alcohol. This is baaaaaad, I tell you. Baaaaddddd!! Bring your boyfriends, lovers, flings, playmates, dates and Snuffleupaguses (wehhhhhhh kekekekekeke). Please, please, please! Labas tayo! Ok?


I'm staying home today. I'm sick-o. I hate this. Ah wait! NOW, I can read my horror books and scare myself to death. Hmmm... anong mas masakit? Atakihin sa asthma? Atakihin sa puso? O, mag laslas ng pulso?

Yeah, that's a good idea. Walang tulugaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn...!!!


Oh by the way. My brother's arriving this afternoon. There will be a terrible war in the dark corners of Alabang. Darth Vader lives!

lunes, mayo 30, 2005

so and so

I'm not exactly happy with my life now, but I'm not in the border of doing something nasty like taking a second slice on that pumping little nerve on my wrist. Oh, no. My boyfriend is the only person keeping me sound right now, with all the family and work boo-hoos happening in the background. Weekend is definitely the only time I can take a rest and/or have fun. And friends are my only hope, next to my boyfriend of course, who can cheer me up after a blitzy week .

For the past week, I have been very sickly. Most likely this is due to work and my lack of sleep. Or maybe because I worry too much about everything. I'm just concerned that the skin breaks on my face will get worse. It's a horrible thought that the dillema I had back in high school will happen again... 10 years later.

Another depressing scene. One of my fish is dying. I dunno what variety it is but it's as big as my gold fishies. It has been with me for about 2 years. Ah... death. Such a heartrending fact of life.


I want a Volvo S40. No, not the new 2.4 li 5-cylinder type (That would be waaaaaaaay out of my league.. I'm still poor). The old one! The first released model back in 1997 or 98. Yung 1.8 lang. Hehe. Siguro mura lang yun ngayon, katapat na lang ng Altis ko. We had that model when it was promoted in the country, and kept it for about 3 years. It was our first automatic gasoline-fueled car and my Dad thought it glugs too much on gas since by then we have gotten used to the more economical (yet less environment friendly) diesel fueled cars (and it's ironic that my Dad was thinking that way now that we have 3 V6 cars and a 2.5l 5-cylinder chunker). But I've always liked that car. It's very comfortable to drive and the instruments are very simple. And it's not too big... just right for my cute size (hehe). PLUS it has a built-in Bose audio system specifically designed for that car.

But my Mom has this thing against buying 2nd-hand cars (kahit pera ko na!), and she has this talent of convincing THE WHOLE PLANET to believe in what she believes in. Were you able to grasp that one? Basta, kase she's from Sta. Rosa Laguna kaya she taaaaaaaaalks a lotttt.

"Oooops I'm done na with my make-up, I gotta go na! You're such a great conversationalist. Grabe. You're so intelligent. Hope to see you this afternoon, ha? Dito ka muna sa aking bag."
- Aia

sábado, mayo 28, 2005

I dunno why but...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

...I find her HOT. Like, bond chick HOT. Pero hindi yung tipong tinitigasan na ako ng utong, ha. Excuse me! I still have my rainbow flag waving above my pwet (hihihihihi). But just look at those lips. They're so Angelina-ish! And her face. Gawd. Even if she doesn't mean to, she looks HOT. She's like a wholesome porn figure.


And she's got a COOL CD too. She's our own version of Tori Amos (minus the man-bashing).

Artist: Isha
Album: Time and Again
Rating: un-pornographically HOT. Basta galeng. Go get your own copy!


While waiting for my dinner last night, at around 6:30pm, my phone rang. It was an over-seas call from my sister-in-law. She wanted me to go to our office as soon as possible to check on what's happening with her staff. Apparently, a robbery of some sort was reported to her earlier by her office manager, a 6-digit peso value of foreign currencies is missing, and she wanted me to investigate since she and my brother won't be back until Monday from their vacation. It was most likely an inside job. To make a long story short, I hold all 10 staff personnel as suspects and I have no clue as to how to put up proof as who-did-what. Anyway, they're my brother's staff and they're his problem. But since I still went through with the individual interrogations last night (as requested by my brother), my spirits went downhill. To make things worse, I was so hungry, I couldn't think properly. It was an unpleasant feeling questioning each one of them as if all of them did the crime. But as someone making an analysis, that's really how it is supposed to be.

By 9:30pm, I decided that we all go home since the supposed "robbery" happened the previous day pa pala (DuH-UH!). Our cook messaged me asking if I was going to have dinner at home. I was about to call her when RD messaged me.

"Tapos na ako gym. Dinner tayo!"

Then an idea came up. I invited him over for dinner.

RD met my Mom. He said that for a 72-year old woman, she looks so young. After dinner, we hung out in my room. He saw my copy of his high school year book and skimmed through it. We laughed at the silly little things about our alma matter. Stuff about our school that was there more than 10 years ago! Reminiscing the good old days. It was fun.

I take in that no matter how miserable your day has become, there will always be at least one friend who will (unconsciously) cheer you up.

viernes, mayo 27, 2005

Kung... Kung... Kung...

Kung naging matalino ako, naging duktor sana ako. Eh kaso, high school chemistry pa lang, bagsak na ako. As in PULA. Pero, kung sa bagay, halos kalahati ng batch naman namin ay bumagsak.

Bigla kong naisip ngayon ang tungkol sa pagdu-duktor dahil 3 (minus 1) sa aking mga kaibigan ay doctors, at ang BF ko, si Mr. M., med student. Akala ko dati noong bata ako madali ang trabaho. Ibig ko sabihin, dati ang akala ko basta doctor ka, yayaman ka. Hindi pala. Taon pa pala ang aanihin mo bago ka magiging magaling na doctor. Hindi lahat ng doctor may opisina't sekretarya. At yung napapanood natin sa ER sa TV dati? Ganun talaga ang doctor. Parating napa-praning. Parating harassed sa trabaho. Lalo na sa E.R. At daig pa ang nagtatrabaho sa Call Center sa gulo ng schedule. At ang pinakanakakagulat diyan, hindi malaki ang sahod ng doctors dito. Kaya naman maraming lumalabas ng bansa. Kaya naman balak nina Raymund lumabas din ng bansa.

Nakakalungkot naman. Mababawasan pa yata ako ng kaibigan.


Ang sama ng linggo ko. Nitong buong linggo, ang hina ng katawan ko. Nag-umpisa sa ubo. Tapos sinundan ng insomnia na nagresulta naman sa pagka-antok ko tuwing hapon. Hanggang ngayon may kaunting ubo pa rin ako. Hindi ko alam kung sisisihin ko ang malabong panahon natin ngayon o ang madalas na matuyuan ako ng pawis sa likod. Mangyari kapag nasa labas ako, sobra ang init. At pag pasok ko naman sa kotche, para na akong nasa loob ng refrigerator. Ewan ko ba dito sa mga driver ko kung bakit para bang lumalamon sila ng lamig. Ang hilig i-todo ang aircon.


Hindi ako sigurado kung guni-guni ko lang ito o ano pero kagabi may tinatahulan si Max sa garahe. At yung tinatahulan niya, sumasagot din ng tahol. Inisip ko na inaaway lang niya sa tahol ang Shih Tzu ng kapit-bahay namin (na madalas tumatambay sa balcony nila). Pero kakaiba ang tahol niya. Para bang may kasamang hangin. Sasawayin ko sana si Max upang tumigil na sa pagkakahol (o kaya makipag harutan bago ako matulog). Pero pagkalabas ko ng kwarto, napansin ko na yung tahol ng Shih Tzu, para bang nanggagaling sa bandang swimming pool namin.

At biglang naalala ko si Robin. Yun ang tambayan niya dati. Ang paligid ng swimming pool!

INAY! Yung moo-moo yata ni Robin dinadalaw si Max kagabi!

Kaya bumalik na lang ako ng kwarto at baka makita ko pa ang duguang moo-moo ng aso ko. Miss ko siya pero please lang, wag na niya ako dalawin.

jueves, mayo 26, 2005

Can't get enough!

... of this song! (... and the boys... err... the boy lang pala on the right. Ehehe ehehe).

I just have to share this video!

miércoles, mayo 25, 2005

Milk and Cereal

I found this song from a downelink profile. Look for Moody from Australia. The 2 kids from the homemade music video on his URL are just so cute and FUNNEE! Anyway, I got hooked on the song and can't seem to get it out of my head.

Milk and Cereal
by: G. Love & Special Sauce

Milk and Cereal
Milk and Cereal
milk and cereal
Cereal and milk

Milk and Cereal
Cereal, Cereal
Milk and Cereal
Cereal and Milk, Cereal and Milk...

I dont want my Wheaties
Give 'em to the needy
Feelin kinda greedy
I keep em for myself (X9)

No Grapenuts for grandma
(grandma eats a bran muffin)
Mom likes Special K
You cant pinch an inch (X7)
They're magically delicious
Keep your hands off my Lucky charms
(pink hearts, yellow moons,blue diamonds, green clovers)
A is for Apple J is for Jack
You step on a crack
Youll break your mamas' back
Rice Krispies
Blue Berries
Ooh Boo Berry

Milk and Cereal
Milk and Cereal
Milk and Cereal
Cereal and Milk
Milk and Cereal

Milk and Stereo
Stereo Stereo
Milk and Cereal
Cereal and Milk

In the morning
At your table
Milk and Cereal
Snap Crackle Pop (X7)

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs (X8)
Trix are for kids! (X11)

In the morning
At your table
(Milk and Cereal)

No Grapenuts for Grandma
Grandma eats a Bran Muffin


Wasn't that FUN?? :)

martes, mayo 24, 2005


Noong panahon ko (not so long ago, FYI!!!!!!), ang first day of classes sa La Salle (sa MAIN, ha) ay June 1. Bad trip na sa amin yun dahil kami ang pinaka-unang nag-uumpisa ng pasukan (at pinaka huli pang nagtatapos ng school year... as in Holy Week na, may pasok pa rin kami). Pero kanina, nang napadaan ako sa Manila area (may natatandaan din naman pala ako sa events ko ngayong araw... ehehe ehehe) para sa branch namin doon, gulat ako sa dami ng boys... este, students na nasa area ng La Salle. Akala ko enrollment lang. Yun pala, kahapon pa lang, pasukan na sa kanila!

Sobra na. Grabe. Overrrrr!

Yon lang naman. Sige. Good night.

Blankong Araw

May mga pagkakataon na hindi ko maintindihan ang mga kilos ko. Kung bakit ko ginawa ang ganito, o bakit ako pumunta sa ganyan. Alam mo ba yung mga paksa ng araw mo na kung saan hindi ka nag-iisip? Yung para bang tinatamad ka nang mag-isip pero gumagalaw ka pa rin. Kumikilos ka pa rin. Nagtatrabaho ka pa rin. Ito ang isa sa mga araw na yun para sa akin. Ewan ko ba. Gumising ako kaninang umaga at parang walang kamalay-malay, heto na ako ngayon sa harap ng computer, tapos na ang trabaho, lumubog na ang araw, malapit nang matulog at... wala ako matandaan sa kung ano talaga ginawa ko ngayong araw.

Wala lang talaga siguro ako mood maging tao ngayon. Kanina kase halos hindi na ako makabangon. Hindi dahil sa sobrang himbing, ha. Kundi sa sobrang sabik sa kama ko. Gumising ako kaning umaga bilang isang kama! Mangyari, itong mga nakaraang mga araw, konti na lang ang nakukuha kong tulog. Maraming kadahilanan. Nandiyan na ang insomnia, nandiyan na ang kaiisip ko sa mga kaibigan ko, nandiyan ang pag-aalala ko sa isa pang kaibigan. At siyempre, nandiyan ang sobrang pagka-miss sa Mr. Chuva ko.

Dapat pupunta sana ako sa gym kanina, after dinner. Kahapon ko pa plano 'to. Pero tinamaan ako ng katamaran nang biglang umulan. Naka-shorts na ako't lahat, ha. Well, bukod pa diyan sinermonan ako ng nanay ko na mamatay-matay na ako sa ubo ko eh susugod pa rin ako sa gym. Honga naman. Kaya hindi na lang ako nag-gym. Nakipag harutan na lang ako sa mga aso ko.

...at lumala ang ubo ko.

Medyo libre ang schedule ko bukas. Sana wala na akong ubo. Grrrrr. Well, nag-improve naman kahit na paano. May boses na ako ngayon. Kahapon, ka-boses ko si Bella Flores. Ngayon, ka-boses ko na nanay ko!

lunes, mayo 23, 2005

Chenes lang

I had an alcohol free weekend. Kung kailan pa ako hindi nabasbasan ng beer, ngayon pa ako nagkasakit! Well, actually, since Friday pa akong masama ang pakiramdam. Hindi lang bumibigay yung katawan ko. Kaya kahit sabado, lumabas pa rin ako kasama ni Mr. Chuva ko. We helped CM move his stuff in San Pedro to FC's place. Kilig ako for them They're now officially living together.


FC invited some if his friends over. Medyo hilo-hilo na ako sa puyat by midnight, at parang binibisita na ako ng asthma ko sa usok. Bilib naman ako sa tropang 'to. Kahit na mga sing songers on the hills of the sound of music (at kailangang alagaan ang mga lalamunan), ang lalakas pa rin mag-yosi! Parang Doctor na chain smoker, o kaya Psychiatrist na rapist, o kaya Presidente ng Pilipinas na college drop out, o kaya Marriage Counselor na hiwalay sa asawa. How ironic. Honestly, at one point muntik na akong masuka kase feeling ko instead na mag fly away yung usok sa balcony ng room ni FC, eh na higop ng aking munting ilong ang lahat ng usok sa kwarto. Hehe. Pero ok lang. I had to go home na rin. Kaya fly kami ni Mr. Chuva back in the arms of Alabang, at ATTACK sa 24 hours Hen Lin sa ATC. Wala pang 1am, nasa bahay na ako.

I wish CM and FC all the best. Kakaingit grabe. But still, kilig pa rin ako for them. Awwwww. :) :) :)

Sunday morning, I gave Dexter and Max a bath, kahit na ngarag-ngarag na ako sa ubo ko. Cute talaga ni Max. Gawin bang bath thub ang balde? Kasyang-kasya naman kase siya, eh. Hehe. After lunch, I brought them to the vet. They were both due for deworming treatments. And once again, I amazed myself. I brought both of them to the vet all by myself! As in binuhat ko si Dexter sa likod ng pick-up tapos si Max katabi ko sa loob. Dexter, FYI, is an over wieghed Labrador. Tapos (GASP!) manual transmission pa yung pick-up. HAGGARD! Kahit na tumirik ako ng dalawang beses (ahaha ahaha), nakarating pa rin ako sa paroroonan. Isn't it amazing when you're going to an appointment, it takes like almost forever to get there. But when it's time to go home, parang ang bilis-bilis na? Hmmmmm.... Well ANYWAY, it took 3 people to get Max to swallow the deworming pills. Super kulit kase eh tapos halos wala pa siyang panga kaya hindi alam kung saan siya hahawakan sa ulo. He's a PUG kase, eh! Dexter naman eats almost anything so they didn't have a problem giving him the medicine/s.

On our trip home, Max was just standing on the front passenger seat on his hind legs while leaning on his door, just staring at the moving world outside, parang bata.... just like what Robin used to do when I go around driving with him.


And NOW. Kumakanta na ako ng iba't-ibang tono ng ubo. Pucha. Ayoko nang magkasakit! Bad trip talaga, o.

sábado, mayo 21, 2005

Little messenger

My iPaq was just sitting on it's cradle when suddenly it's alarm turned on. I thought it was a low battery reminder but then it was charging on it's cradle. I looked at the screen and it said:

"Robin's vet appointment tomorrow."

Awwwwwwwww. I miss my dog!!

Senti nanaman ako. Huuuuuuu....

I think I'm gonna stay in bed na lang until the sun sets. :(

viernes, mayo 20, 2005

Sarap Mo... errrr... Beer

At muling napatitig nanaman ako sa dingding. Isip-isip. Esep-esep. Natutuwa ako na may mga bago akong nakikilalang mga kaibigan. At pasalamat na lang ako sa Diyos para sa kanila. Mga mabubuti silang mga tao. Disente. Masarap kausap. Masasayang kasama. At higit sa lahat, masarap kainuman!!!!!

And speaking of which, nakita niyo na ba ang poster na ito????

Ayos, 'no????


Para akong manok na pang sabong ngayong araw. Lahat na lang yata inaway ko. Ultimo calculator inaway ko. Yung dalawang aso ko na lang yata hindi ko pa inaaway. This must be due to my lack of sleep. Kase naman, nadala ako sa Star Wars frenzy na ito at kahit 10:30pm na lang ang naabutan kong screening sa ATC, pinanood ko pa rin. Biruin mo ba naman, sa limang cinema, lahat puno! Grover! (Grabe na, over pa... how 90's... hehehe).

Sabi ng kaibigan ko ang Sith daw ay yung mga evil doers. Yung para bang kalaban ng mga care bears. Ganun.

Use Sith in a sentence.

Sith! Fucki'n SITH talaga. May ipokrita nanamang nagbabasa ng blog ko.

I'm still deciding if I should go to the gym tonight, meet up with my chuva or sleep na lang. Siguro swimming na lang ako. Or maybe walk the dogs. Or maybe buy a bottle of rum and mix my own rum-coke... (I'll take it easy on the coke, of course) or maybe... or maybe... or maybe...

Ay! I forgot to pick up my laundry yesterday!

I need a good laugh. Sobrang init ng ulo ko kaninang umaga, depressed naman ako ngayon. SITH talaga. Someone give me a hug.


I'm gonna help CM move his stuff tomorrow night. He's officially moving in with FC. O kay saya. Buti pa sila may love nest. Hihihihihihi.

I gotta keep awake, keep awake! 100 more tasks to do.

jueves, mayo 19, 2005


2005 Ford Mustang GT Deluxe Coupe


Forgive me. I just have to rant about this. Kanina pa ako natatawa talaga sa isang taong 'to and I can't go on with my work.

There's this guy on DL na super mega rataratarataratatatatatat pose ng semi nude pics. Eh, MY GADSSSSS naman. Ang taba-taba. Ang laki-laki ng pwet. At hindi rin kagandahan, ha. Tapos 5th or 6th account na niya yata ito kase parati siyang tinatangal ng operators ng DL. Nagtataka siya to death (as is super mega WHY OH WHY ang drama) kung bakit eh hindi naman siya minor (at hindi din siya mukhang minor, ABER). Ang gusto ko isagot sa kanya ay ganito.

Ineng, kaya ka naba-ban sa DL kase naman.... my gulay, bago ka mag-pose ng mga pictures na magpapatalbog sa sikmura ni Rosanna Roces, siguraduhin mo munang nailuwa na ng sistema mo yung lechong nilamutak mo nang maghanda ang lola mo nung bagong taon na pumasok ang bagong milenyo. Sore eyes, MAJOR, ha. Subukan mong mag-gym man lang, ok? Please? You give PLU a bad name.

At humabol pa ang lola with a bulletine message: "Check out my new pics."

At Check it out nga talaga. As in pang-check OUT... OUT.... OUTSIDE please.

But you have to admire this guy na rin. Meron siyang LAKAS NG LOOB na ibandera ang dapat hindi na dapat ibinabandera.

Haaaaaaaaay. Ayan. Bahala na kung sino ang makaka-relate. Basta, ayan. Nasabi ko na. I can go back to work.


domingo, mayo 15, 2005

Hello Halo BED :)

It's another drunken weekend, of course. Thanks to my best friend, Beer.

"Hello Beer. Thanks for the company. You're the best, grabe. I love you."

"I love you too, consumer."

God bless San Miguel. Such a good saint. Grabe.

Before I forget, congratulations to Bocelli for an excellent performace last night. Mas konti nga lang kayo pero para sa akin pinaka eksakto ang tono niyo compared to the other groups. No kidding! Yan ang sinabi ko kay Low.

Anyway, my tropa and I (with my dear dear JJ, of course) first went to Halo in Makati. I wasn't really interested to go there... as in stay for more than 30 minutes... since it's a straight club. And we all know how boring straight people are, RIGHT?? But who are we to resist free beer? THEN I saw a beautiful picture on the wall. A poster of Vodka Ice. Actually, Smirnoff Vodka Ice yun (na kapag bumili ka ng tatlong bottles nun, may libreng Smirnoff CD ka... bongga). But it still looked NICE. Pucha, 180 pesos doon ang Vodka Ice??? Crazy. Bumili naman ako. Ganda kase ng picture, sheht! Harharhar.

Hay sarap.

Then, we went to Bed in Malate. Kahit may tama, drive pa rin ako. Siyempre, packed ang place. And it's outrageous as usual. Had more beer and Bedtime Stories. Saw McVie and Promdi while swimming in the sea of boys. And surprise, surprise... fellow blogger Imogen was also there. It was so nice of him to say hi to me. I didn't get to have a good look at him dahil lalo akong sumisingkit kapat nalalasing. Harharharhar.

May little drama pa na nanyari when JJ and I bumped into Doc Mike at the bar on the 2nd floor. Basta, loooooooooooong story. Super tampo when he found out na lumabas kami without us inviting him. I am just afraid of what will happen to our friendship when Mike finds out about me and JJ. Basta, basta.... BASTA!

Capped the night (morning na, actually) with a bowl of wanton soup at an unknown noodle house just a block away from Bed. I invited McVie to follow but apparently, dahil na rin sa may alcohol virus yung mental processor ko, I gave him the wrong directions and ended up not finding the place. Sheht! Sorry McVie!

* sigh

One more week before my JJ goes back to disecting cadavers... at magpataas ng grado ng salamin. Precious time, precious time.

viernes, mayo 13, 2005

Joke noong Grade 3 pa ako

I was with some friends last night when one of them blurted out a really REALLY old joke that served it's amusment almost 20 years ago. When I heard it again, sobrang natawa pa rin ako. Partly because it's funny. But mainly I was reminded of how idiotic and at the same time hilarious our minds were when we (meaning "us") were kids. O, heto yung joke:

Merong 3 steps kung paano magpasok ng elepante sa refrigerator.
* Anu-ano yun?
Step 1, buksan ang pintuan ng ref.
Step 2, ipasok ang elepante.
Step 3, isara ang pintuan ng ref.

Merong 4 steps kung paano magpasok ng giraffe sa refrigerator.
* Anu-ano yun?
Step 1, buksan ang pintuan ng ref
Step 2, ilabas ang elepante
Step 3, ipasok ang giraffe
Step 4, isara ang pintuan.

Paano makakasakay sa isang volkswagen ang limang elepante?
* Paano?
Dalawa sa harap at Tatlo sa likuran

Paano mo malalaman na walang elepante sa grocery store.
* Paano?
Kapag makita mo yung Volkswagen sa parking lot na may sakay na limang elepante

Paano mo malalaman na may isang elepante sa grocery store.
* Paano?
Kapag makita mong kulang ng isang elepante sa loob ng Volkswagen

Sa Jungle, pinatawag ni Tarzan ang lahat ng mga animals. May isang animal ang hindi nakapunta. Sino yun?
* Sino?
Yung giraffe
* Bakit?
Kase nakakulong pa siya sa loob ng ref.

Nung nagpatawag si Tarzan ng lahat ng mga animals sa jungle, wala ang giraffe. Pero may isang na-late.
* Sino yun?
Yung elepante
* Bakit?
Kase nag-grocery pa siya.

lunes, mayo 09, 2005

Galera again

First of all, I just wanna say that I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF. Grabe, I drove myself to Batangas Pier. Mag-isa lang ako ha at madaling araw. Super scary ng road kase feeling ko anytime lalabas yung mga moo-moo na mga pinagbabasa ko sa Philippine Ghost Stories sa kalye o sa rear view mirror ko. But anyway, umabot naman ako sa pier less than an hour and a half. Nawala ako nang kaunti kase sinundan ko yung Star of Bethlehem. Kase nga, di ba, papunta ako sa Gay Mecca? Harharhar. Sheht. Ang corny ko. Ah basta, ayun, nawala ako ng SLIGHT lang naman pero buti na lang madaming gas stations doon at friendly ang mga gas boylets doon kaya umabot naman ako sa paroroonan.

Yes, I went back to Puerto Galera.

Tapos super aga ko. Sa sobrang aga, ako lang ang bakla doon. 3-ish, I got a boat ride ticket. By 5am, naglalayag na ang mga bakla papuntang White Beach. I got there before 7am tapos nakuha din ako agad ng room na may aircon... as requested by RD, who came from hospital duty, and his friend. Yun lang ang reason kung bakit ako maagang pumunta doon ng saturday morning. Just to get a good room for us. At success naman. Beach front pa. I had breakfast, and as soon as I got in my room, mega tulog na lang ako. I woke up around 2pm na when RD texted me na dumating na sila ng white beach kaya I picked them up sa front. Basta, I'm so proud of myself. Ang galeng-galeng ko! Certified loner na talaga ako. Harharharhar.

RD and his friend had lunch muna while I went ahead for a swim. Sarap ng tubig. Ang ginaw! Clear naman yung tubig, walang jelly fish, at walang mukhang jelly fish. May mga machong bading pang naglalaro ng volley ball sa harap ko. Sarap nila panoorin. Parang nakatingin ka sa acquarium. Gaganda ng mga fish!

I slept in the beach again. Saraaaaaaaap. And this time, the sun woke me up. Basta, ang galeng. I wish I could go to the beach every weekend. Kahit ba 2 or 3 hours akong mag-drive, basta ang final destination beach. Sarap, pare.

ANYWAY, it was a great weekend. Parang pelikula, actually. May drama, may comedy, may suspense at may porno (hindi ako involved, ok?). Ahaha ahaha. For some dramatic underlying principle, mega walk-out yung friend ni RD (whose name I've already forgotten) and went back home to Manila 6 hours earlier than scheduled.

The best thing about this trip was I had a good and pleasant bonding weekend with RD. It's just amazing that we've only met 3 times prior to this trip but we got along pretty well. Kahit ba na pang-MENSA ang level ng intelligence niya, sarap pa ring kausap. It's always nice to have a new friend.

Update: Dahil sa mini-lecture sa akin ni RD tungkol sa relationships, napag-isip-isip tuloy ako sa sarili kong situation. Tama nga rin siya. If the other guy likes you and you like him back... and you see the spark from the very first time you see each other, go for it na. Kaya after 1 week na puro black smoke ang nakikita ko... lumabas na rin kagabi ang white smoke.

May bago nang papa!


I have a very strange feeling na lahat karamihan sa mga ka-birthday ko ay bading. What is it with June 29 that made the world less straight? First, there's me. Then, I had a classmate in New York na ka-birthday ko din at bading. Hindi lang basta bading. Mega bading! Pinsan pa ni Aaron and Chris Carter. Natatandaan mo pa ba yung Backstreet Boys? Ayun! At ang balita ko pa mula sa kaklase kong chismosang Haponesa na magsi-singer din si Carter classmate. Kaso 2 years ago pa yun. And there's fellow blogger Podi, who has the word's sexiest brain (Hi Podi!!! Kamusta na!). Tapos there's this Latino Pop star na crush ko some 10 years ago, si Chayanne. Ka birthday ko din pala! Google search niyo yung movie "Dance With Me" with Vanessa Williams, siya yun.

* takatak... takatak... takatak.... takatak... takatak... takatak....

O, search mo na? Pogi no? FINE! Kung hindi mo type, crush ko pa rin siya. Anyway, super detect ng gaydar ko siya kahit may asawa't anak na. Pakibaba ang kilay ko, please!

Tapos ngayon may naga-add sa akin sa downelink. Ka birthday ko nanaman! Ano ba ito. Tuwing June 29 ba ay bilog ang buwan mula sa bundok ng Tralala at nagiging bading ang mga lalakeng ipinanganganak sa araw na ito?

Hmmm... FYI, June 29 is the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul. Dalawang santo. Dalawang lalake. St. Peter was crucified head downward. St. Paul was beheaded. Puro head... head.... HEAD. Hmmm... Malisyoso ang utak ko kaya paki-interpret na lang.

Har har har har.

martes, mayo 03, 2005

J-J-J-J-Jackpot... WAGI!!!

"La La (Means I Love You)"

L.A. is a great big freeway

Many girls have come to you
With a line that wasn't true
And you just passed them by
Now you're in the center ring
And their lies don't mean a thing
Why don't you let me try?
I don't need a diamond ring
'Cause you prove your love to me
When you sing, sweet and mellow

La la la la la la la la la…
Means I love you
, woah
La la la la la la la la la…
Means I love you, woah

Never thought I'd need a boy
Who could bring me so much joy
You are the one for me
Let me take you in my arms
Surround you with my charms
I'm sure that you will see, yeah
The things that I'm sayin' are true

This is the way that I explain them to you
Listen to me

La la la la la la la la la…
Means I love you
La la la la la la la la la…
Means I love you, woah, woah

The things that I'm sayin' are true
Now I'd better spend my whole life through
Loving you
Can't you hear me?

La la la la la la la la la…
Means I love you, yeah
La la la la la la la la la…
Means I love you, yeah

(Never thought I'd need a boy
Who could bring me so much joy…)

* sigh *

Hehehehehe..... Pinakikilig mo ako, J-J-J-J-Jackpot! Waaaaah!!!! :D :D :D

domingo, mayo 01, 2005

Good morning Sunday.

Yes, it's a weekend, and I had my weekly ration of alcohol. Uhm... I didn't drink too much last night. I only had 2 bottles of beer and Bailey's. And as a result, I had a decent conversation with Doc Mike and JJ. It's nice to look at the midnight street view from Cafe Adriatico in Alabang. It's very peaceful.

We went on a joy ride around Manila then back to Alabang. We passed by Orosa and Nakpil and ogled at the beautiful boys while inside my car. By 3am I had to bring the Doc home. He would have been awake for almost 24 hours. As for JJ and me, we hung out in front of Hen Lin Alabang and talked until the break of dawn. I had a great time conversing with him. And discovered that we have a lot of things in common. Love of pets, heart aches and aspirations.

Aaaaaah. It was a good saturday night. A great sunday morning. I wish I'd have more weekends like this.

To complete my Sunday slow down, I'm currently playing my CD of Great Original Pilipino Music by Ryan Cayabyab performed by the San Miguel Philharmonic Orchestra and San Miguel Master chorale. Aaaaah. Sarap.

Have a good week everyone.