Buhay Talaan ni Felipe - 2

Mamaalam, tala kong may ngiti, saglit lamang, may huling habilin, sa gitna ng yong paglalakbay, sa dako mong ihihimlay dalhin ang payapa't pangakong wagas. Patawad. May lunas pa araw nananamlay mong diwa s'yang may gamay ng malay mong tilang hiram. Itong minamataa, daang tinitimbang, dala, tang kong alay. Mamaalam sa mundong kay lupit, sadya kayang nilihis sa pait. Sa gitna ng yong paghihimlay, manlako kang maghihintay. Dalhin sa paaglitis. Taglay ng tamis. Paalam. ["Alay," Aia de Leon]

martes, diciembre 07, 2004

Not enough vitamins... Not enough liiiiife

I must be the weakest dragon child every born.

[Enter chinese dragon drum beat]

A slight shift in the weather can make me physically weak. When I left home early this morning, it seemed that it was going to rain. So I put on a nice thick cotton shirt and brought my jacket with me. Then sometime mid-morning, it started to shine. Wait... Erase that. The sun didn't just shine. It BLAZED throughout Muntinlupa. It was freakin' warm HOT! So as a devoted non-practicing Catholic, I uttered the words:

"What in Doris-the-funky-bisexual-chichuachua's name is going on?"

And before lunch came, I was having a sore throat. The 2nd time this week. Mom insisted that I double the paracetamol dosage. So I popped 2 tablets after lunch and will be staying home for the rest of the afternoon.

I'm such a princess. I'm sensitive not only to sudden weather change, but also to dust, smoke (it's a wonder how I survived Club Bed) and cold drinks (but but but! I love Fraps!).

There are other factors why I'm sick right now. There's the never-ending problem with insomnia. This one is a big mystery for me. My current bed and I have been the best of friends for five years now. I napped on it, played video games on it, made out with boys on it (hihihihihihi), jacked off on it, and of course, slept on it. I can say that my bed and I have a good relationship so I can't blame him/her/it for my insomnia.

Pardon me for my lame reasoning but I think the paracetamol has found it's way to the forbidden parts of my brain.

Uh-oh. I'm getting dizzy.