Buhay Talaan ni Felipe - 2

Mamaalam, tala kong may ngiti, saglit lamang, may huling habilin, sa gitna ng yong paglalakbay, sa dako mong ihihimlay dalhin ang payapa't pangakong wagas. Patawad. May lunas pa araw nananamlay mong diwa s'yang may gamay ng malay mong tilang hiram. Itong minamataa, daang tinitimbang, dala, tang kong alay. Mamaalam sa mundong kay lupit, sadya kayang nilihis sa pait. Sa gitna ng yong paghihimlay, manlako kang maghihintay. Dalhin sa paaglitis. Taglay ng tamis. Paalam. ["Alay," Aia de Leon]

miƩrcoles, diciembre 08, 2004

no BT for my LT. :(

I love my gadgets. But my gadgets don't love me. When I buy one, I know that I have some use for it. Of course, I should have one. Expending a 5-digit value on an electronic toy is no gag. It should serve a good purpose.

I have a Compaq Presario laptop which I bought as a gift for myself 3 christmases ago. It was the second most expensive thing that I bought after graduation, next to my HP desktop PC which now rests (in peace) in one of my overhead cabinets. It runs on Windows ME, which is known for crashes every 10 shut downs. But that's alright with me. Considering it's age and the terrible windows operating system version, it's running well. It only needs a 6-thousand pesos memory upgrade which I'm NOT willing to spend on. I sync my iPaq with my Presario via bluetooth. It's so convenient, I don't need to bring the bulky USB cradle when I bring the two to work. But yesterday was another frustration. The laptop couldn't detect my bluetooth and the MS ActiveSync breaks down at start up. I tried the usual remedy of uninstalling and reinstalling both softwares but it seems both have been messed up.

My Mom gave me a Fujitsu lifebook -- the small Centrino-ed one -- last christmas (which has a funny story why she gave me one, by the way) and I could use that for work. But I don't wanna bring that to work. It's too cute eh! Plus, I use that for my multimedia. My digital photos, in particular. And THAT is it's purpose.


I'll try to reinstall my bluetooth and MS ActiveSync one last time. And if THAT won't solve my problem with that laptop then... iiyak na lang ako. :(