Buhay Talaan ni Felipe - 2

Mamaalam, tala kong may ngiti, saglit lamang, may huling habilin, sa gitna ng yong paglalakbay, sa dako mong ihihimlay dalhin ang payapa't pangakong wagas. Patawad. May lunas pa araw nananamlay mong diwa s'yang may gamay ng malay mong tilang hiram. Itong minamataa, daang tinitimbang, dala, tang kong alay. Mamaalam sa mundong kay lupit, sadya kayang nilihis sa pait. Sa gitna ng yong paghihimlay, manlako kang maghihintay. Dalhin sa paaglitis. Taglay ng tamis. Paalam. ["Alay," Aia de Leon]

miƩrcoles, diciembre 08, 2004

Free Space

Since my nephews don't play Ragnarok (except for Maki, the youngest) and network games anymore here at our house, I have decided to "donate" my 2 extra desktop computers to our office (In the first place, I bought those PCs for my nephews. Now that they have served their purpose, I can get rid of them). They badly need new(er) computers, anyway. This will give me more room space. This could also give me a chance to clean up and re-arrange my room. Or maybe get a 2-seater sofa that I've always wanted since we moved back in this street.

I'm keeping the Wireless LAN cards just in case my Mom finally decides to learn how to use the computer (if her sisters can learn it, so can she, di ba?). I could buy her a power pc and install the WiFi card myself. I'll be using the other card for my own computer.

Last night, I was busy refreshing the 2 PCs, reinstalling MS Windows and MS Office and doing Windows Updates before I give them away.

I will miss having a computer in my bathroom. You can use your imagination what I have been doing with THAT computer. Hihihihihihi.