Buhay Talaan ni Felipe - 2

Mamaalam, tala kong may ngiti, saglit lamang, may huling habilin, sa gitna ng yong paglalakbay, sa dako mong ihihimlay dalhin ang payapa't pangakong wagas. Patawad. May lunas pa araw nananamlay mong diwa s'yang may gamay ng malay mong tilang hiram. Itong minamataa, daang tinitimbang, dala, tang kong alay. Mamaalam sa mundong kay lupit, sadya kayang nilihis sa pait. Sa gitna ng yong paghihimlay, manlako kang maghihintay. Dalhin sa paaglitis. Taglay ng tamis. Paalam. ["Alay," Aia de Leon]

viernes, diciembre 31, 2004

Happy New Year!

My stay in a hospital was a first time experience -- 3-day confinement, IV dextrose, daily CBC check-up, etc. And it wasn't pleasant at all. I do not want to experience it again!

Here's the story of what happened.

Dec 25. F -- I woke up with a bad stomach. I took two capsules of immodium after breakfast then I felt better. The whole family had lunch at my Tita's house in Pasay for our Christmas family reunion. We stayed for only about 3 hours then went back home. And then I started having the chills. I took a paracetamol and then napped. When I woke up for dinner, my stomach still felt strange and my fever was still there. I had 2 tablets of aspirin after dinner and then went back to my room. I consumed a jug of water before going to bed thinking that my fever would go down. And it did!

Dec 26. S -- This time I woke up with a bad headache, fever and a stomach ache. I tried to treat it with aspirin the whole 12 hours but the fever just fluctuated.

Dec 27. M -- I wasn't able to sleep the whole night because of the fever and mainly because of the throbbing head ache. I complained this to my Mom. She gave me aspirin which helped a little bringing down my fever, then we went to the ER of Asian Hospital. Refer to this entry. And then I thought I was getting better.

Dec 28. T -- I woke up at 5:30am. Actually, I never got any sleep because of my headache. I went to the bathroom, picked up the thermometer and checked my own temperature. It read 40 C.

"Ay nako, sira pala ito, eh!"

I went to the kitchen, had a snack, took 2 tabs of aspirin, and then tried to nap. When my Mom saw my big fat ass on the sofa, she felt my nape then declared i'm BURNING with fever. She checked my temperature. It was 40.1 c.

"Aba. Hindi pala sira."

And since I have been complaining about my hammering headache, my mom and I kinda agreed that I should check up with a head or brain doctor first.

"Oo nga Mommy, I think I need a BRAIN SCAN. Baka cancer na ito!"

[enter LAUGHTER]

Come lunch time, she has found a Neurologist at the Asian Hospital and sched me for an appointment at 4 in the afternoon. I'm not kidding! She really did! a NEUROLOGIST!

We went back to the ER of Asian before 2pm and had me stay at one of the receiving rooms. The ER Doc suggested that I be confined for at least 2 days to run some tests to find out what's really wrong with me. A nurse stuck an IV needle on my right arm that connects to a dextrose, and a Med Tech extracted blood from my left arm. Two hours later, I'm in my room.

The hospital gets "fully booked" after Christmas -- I dunno why -- so we only got a semi-private room which was alright with me. I had to share the room with someone. Good thing he's a nice old guy who doesn't talk a lot. Just as I was getting comfy in my bed, another Med Tech came in the room and extracted more blood from me. By this time, I was already getting weak. Not because I was sick. But because of the 5 needles that have punctured my skin since the previous day. Everybody went home after my dinner. I told my Mom that I can manage the night alone. Later that night, my Doc came in and gave me bad news. My platelet count dropped from 200,000 to 150,000 based on the latest and Monday's CBC. He told me that I might have Dengue and that I have to stay confined for more tests (GULP!) and for observation.

And about that appointment with the Neurologist? My Mom had it cancelled before I got a room.

Dec 29. W -- I felt better than the previous days. Well, at least I didn't have the killer headache anymore. Just dizziness from too much lying down, I suppose. And for the first time since Christmas eve, I had a good sleep, except for the occasional trips to the toilet. And dragging my dextrose to the toilet is one big adventure. After breakfast, my new bestfriend, the Med Tech, came in to, you know, get some fabulous blood from the fabulous me. The Doc came in 2 hours after my CBC. He told me a semi-good news. My platelet count was maintained at 150,000. But he wasn't satisfied with that so that meant I still couldn't go home that day. Betchamygulay, indeed. More needles. More blood. More tests.

Dec 30. Th -- 2 hours After the morning CBC - Complete Blood Count (needles... needles... NEEDLES!!!!), my Doc gave me another bad news. My Platelet count went down to 115,000. And if my platelet drops to below 100,000, I would be having my CBCs 6 times within 12 hours (needles... needles... NEEDLES!!!!). Thinking that I would be spending New Year's at the hospital, I didn't look forward to seeing my Doc again. He always brought me bad news. My only consolation that day was my roommate checked out. I had the whole room for myself. The rest of the day, like in the previous days, my fever went up and down, like a bouncing queen. But it never went above 38.

Dec 31. F -- I was awaken by the nurse checking my blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature. Alas! A male nurse. And alas! He's a cute! His name is Erwin and... wala lang. Share ko lang. And then best friend Med Tech came in. She's really a big fan of mine. She gets my blood so she can sell it on E-bay for a million bucks.


Blood, blood, blood. Needles, needles, needles. Yuck, yuck, yuck. My Mom came at around 9AM. She told me that she met my doc at the elevator and that it might not be dengue but Typhoid. Now, at this point, that didn't excite me because I didn't know which was worse. A little later, my Doc came in. And like what I said, I didn't look forward to seeing my Doc again because he would always bring me bad news. Then he announced that I "only" have typhoid. I just lay slumped on my bed. But when he said I can go home, my 10,000 angels tried to help me get out of bed on a leap. But my Doc stopped me.


He still had to check for my heart beat (to make sure I'm not an escapee from the Dawn of the Living Dead). He prescribed anti-biotics (ciprofloxacin) , and lotsa sleep. I'm hoping that I will feel better.

So it must be the Shake Sashimi I had at Terriyaki Boy for lunch on Dec 24. That's the only food that I ate that could have caused this. And I always drink soda when dining out. And to think at one time we South boys planned to have a SHAKé fest! It's not glamorous to be a guinea pig.

Good-bye room 727, good-bye Doc, Good-bye nurses, good-bye bestfriend Med Tech, and Good-bye Erwin. You got nice hands.


I'm now home, reunited with my computer (mag...ka... suyo buong gabi.... teee dee dee dee dee dee....). I feel REALLY weak but at least, I can now sleep in my own bed

I thank my friends for visiting me: Jaypeee, B., Pauline, Chito, PJ, WenkGirl, SuperSpy, Rusky, Kiko, Bocelli and Jagard. Hanggang sa uulitin!



Happy New Year!

Nasa bahay na ako! Nakaligo na ulit ako! Wala akong dengue! Typhoid fever laaaaaaaang...!




I'll make kwento na lang later. My Doc gave a a farewell shot of pain killer for my headache. Para akong lumulutang dito.

Anyway, I still have to rest for at least 5 days.

lunes, diciembre 27, 2004

I'm worried. I thought I was on the road to recovery. But @#$%^&*(!!!!!! After my afternoon nap, my head's throbbing in pain again, and I still got the fever.

This is no FUN. No FUN at ALL!

Could this be the end of the fabulous ME?

I can't drive my car. I can't take a bath. I can't touch my dogs. I can't touch my PS2 (it takes a loooooooot of effort to put that damn console out of my TV cabinet when I'm in THIS condition). I can't eat chocolates (awwwwwww. My Flat Tops are gonna be lonely for some time). The only thing I could touch is my... oh wow! Tonight's colder than last night! My Mom's excited. It's pretend-we're-in-Tagaytay-night.


But seriously, I am worried. This has never happened to me before. My Mom's speech-slash-interrogation this morning didn't help at all.

"Baka dengue yan?"

"Baka Hepatitis yan?"

"Baka [name of unknown/invented tagalog illnes marvelously found ONLY in Sta. Rosa Laguna] yan?"

...And then off I went to the hospital.

[Zoom!] [Zoom!]


What ever this is, I hope God will just take it, put it in a little box and throw it away (yes, kids, I still DO believe in a God -- just God and Jesus, but not the saints, they're just people canonized by fellow humans -- BEEP! BEEP! That would be for another blog entry).

I'm gonna take my sponge/towel bath now -- minus the cutie nurse who looks-like-Derrick-the-ex -- by myself! Darn. I wish patients-in-boxers-5-times-a-week (hihihi) can take home the cutie male nurses, 'no? Then they would be on their way to recovery. Otherwise, on their way to heaven. Kekekekeke....

"Nurse, could you please hug me? I'm cold."

"Nurse, could you please get 2 cans of beer at the fridge. I'm thirsty (wink, wink)."

"Nurse, I need to pee. Could you please help me in the toilet?"

"Nurse, take off your clothes!!!! Who's your Dad-dY.... WHO'S YOUR DAD-DDEHHH!!!!!!"


Hoping for a healthier tomorrow (parang commercial ng Department of Health).
A 48-hour head ache and a more than one day old fever was just too much for me. I didn't have a good rest last night at all. The throbbing in my brain couldn't get any worse. So after breakfast, I went to the Asian Hospital's ER and had myself checked-up. They did a blood test and a urinalysis but found nothing. The doc concluded that it was just a fever gone crazy. As a last resort, the doc gave me a strong pain killer through IV. The tragedy of it is that they don't know how much I hate needles! And after 30 minutes the headache is gone! Isn't it amazing how a terrible pain can be cured in just a few minutes by a simple (icky) injection (done by a cutie nurse). And since the pain killer is still in my system, I feel like I just smoked pot.

Peace, pare!

Blood sample was taken from my arm and the pain killer was injected at the back of my hand.

The doc who checked-up on me was the same doc who treated me for that nasty cut I had on the head due to an accident at the gym some months ago. When she saw me, she said:

"And who tried to kill you again this time??"

And the guy nurse who attended to me looked like my ex, Derrick. CUTIE!! La lang. Share ko lang.

I will probably sleep the whole day today, thanks to the pain killer. NOW I know why Tita Lou treats pain killers like best friends. Because they're nice!

domingo, diciembre 26, 2004

I havent been feeling well for 2 days now. And I am super mega hoping I will feel better by tomorrow. Chris and I already planned to meet up for dinner tomorrow night with another college pal Manuel. I hope my system will cooperate this time.

And since I was too sick to go out today, I watched 2 DVD movies in bed. Mambo Italiano (VERY funny movie) and Latter Days (I cried at the end of the movie... haha). Every closeted gay man can relate to these movies.

I still haven't gotten myself a copy of this month's Metro Magazine. Everyone (every gay guy?) seems to have it already except me.

It's 9:40PM and I still have a headache I got since this morning. It is so bad, I see dots everywhere I look. I have been so sickly for some months now, I would sometimes believe that I'm actually dying.
Ba't ba ako madalas ginagawang pasahan ng problema???

sábado, diciembre 25, 2004


SMS message from KD's former pineapple cup cake:

May the [insert flowery words here] of the season, bring all the [insert emotions here] to you and your family. I wish you [insert ambitious wishes here] and a Merry Christmas.

miércoles, diciembre 22, 2004

House Sessions #02

I got myself a copy of the second edition of Anton Ramos' House Sessions and one song really catches my attention. It's the third track "Ever After" by Bonnie Bailey. I googled for Bonnie Bailey but the results were unsuccessful. But I found out that she also appears in at least one Hed Kandi CD. And I happen to have that CD! "Twisted Disco 01.03." RECKLESS isn't as good sounding at EVER AFTER. But still groovy, tho.

I can fearlessly say that the new Anton Ramos house CD is a better collection that the first one. If you're into House music or down tempo, get your own copy of The Chillout Project House Sessions #02 NOW.

10 Things I hate about Christmas.

1. Alabang Traffic
2. Forced Shopping for bratty Southridge nephews.
3. I have to be extra nice to the assholes and bitches of the universe just because 'tis the season to be jolly.
4. "Christmas Envelopes" from the mailman, the garbage man, and those motorcycle-boys-who-deliver-your-credit-card-bills.
5. Everything seems to be 30% more expensive.
6. I will be forced to attend mass on Christmas Eve.
7. Family reunions on Christmas day and New Year's day.
8. Christmas E-cards from relatives abroad
9. Over crowded malls.
10. Everyone's on vacation except ME!

Merry Christmas everyone. Ho ho ho.

My gulay!

For the passed few days now, wala nang ibang lumalabas sa mga TV news kundi ang pagkamatay ni FPJ. I know that he's someone supposedly "great" in showbiz. But please, could the broadcast media give the rest of the country a break from this?

He's dead, thanks for the info. But can you please go ahead now with the other news?

lunes, diciembre 20, 2004

Felipe's Stages of Drunkenness

The "ngiti" stage.

The "hilo" stage.

The "bagsak sa mesa" stage.

Thanks to Tappy for the pics. ;)

domingo, diciembre 19, 2004

Hanging out with my good friends Chris and Tappy was a blast. We first had dinner at the famous Hap Chan chinese restaurant in Malate. Then cruised for a while at the Roxas Bay Walk. Then we had a short field trip at the Pride Exchange.

We spent the rest of the night in Club Bed. Iba talaga kapag may kasama kang bakla. Mga babaeng bakla! Tuwang-tuwa ang mga pekpek sa dami ng mga gwapong bakla.

And as usual, I went home drunk. We all got home before sunrise. Buti na lang Mom and Dad stayed at Tagaytay for the weekend. Walang interview na:

"Anong oras ka nakauwi kagabi?" (12 midnight nasa bahay na ako)

"Sinong kasama mo?" (Eh di si [name of a neighbor])

"Saan ka nagpunta?" (Diyan lang sa ATC.... peksman!)

"Magkano nagastos mo?" (Wala pang 100 pesos. Peksman!)

I got home at around 5:30 and was in my bed by 6AM. My body clock automatically woke me up at 9AM and could not get back to sleep no matter how tired and sleepy I was. Well, minsan lang naman dumalaw sa Pilipinas si Chris. I will survive.


Spent another day with Chris again today. We had lunch at Yellow Cab Alabang and introduced her to the well-craved-for Roasted Garlic and Shrimp.


I will be seeing her again tomorrow. Not so sure if I will be available in the morning but I'm possitive I will see her tomorrow before she goes to Baguio for her sister's wedding sometime during the week.

viernes, diciembre 17, 2004

Nireregla ako


Bakit ko ikaw kailangan pang kausapin sa wikang ingles? Hindi ka naman lumaki sa Amerika. Pilipino ka naman, di ba? Magpangap bang banyaga?

Bakit ko kailangan mag salita sa wikang ingles upang maging katangap-tangap sa mga pukekang-inang mga kaibigan mo? Hindi ba sila marunong mag tagalog? Eh mas kulay lupa pa sila kaysa sa akin?

Bakit kailangan kong gumastos nang malaki para magkaroon ng magandang damit? Hindi ko naman siguro kailangan ang pangalan ng mga designer na yan, di ba? Isang laba lang ng labandera ko, lunat na ang mga yan.

Bakit ko kailangan palitan pa ang mga gamit ko sa kwarto? May silbi naman ang mga yan. Hindi nga kasing sosyal ng mga gamit mo pero nagagamit ko naman sila.

Bakit ko kailangan pumunta sa Makati para gumimik eh puro sosyalan lang ang ginagawa ng mga poknat doon. Pasosyal-sosyal lang ang mga yan, mga wala namang pera.

Bakit ang mga bading sa Makati nagpapangap na bisexual eh mas malamya pa sa nilagang makahiya kung kumilos? Right, DAH-LING?

Bakit kung bibili ka ng BMW, kailangan mo nanaman makipag-inglesan sa poknatang sosyal na ahente ng kotche? Pambili naman namin "pera" hindi "ingles." Pukekang ina talaga, o.

At kahit kaya mong bumili ng BMW 5 at 7 series, mababa pa rin ang tingin sa iyo dahil lang sa hindi ka sanay sa inglesan. Katawa-tawa. Nasa kanila ang ingles, nasa amin ang pera. Pwe!

Bakit kailangan maging malaki at mamahalin ang bahay mo para puntahan ka ng mga kapit bahay mong nagpapangap na mayaman?

Bakit ang mga kristiyano dito kung magdasal sa simbahan para bang napakabanal at nakapikit pa. Kulang na lang umiyak at maglakad nang nakaluhod ala Imelda Marcos. Mga matapobre naman.

Bakit ang mga mas batang Kristiyano ginagawang sosyalan ang simbahan?

jueves, diciembre 16, 2004

As a kid, I kinda hated the Christmas season. It is the time where I get to embarass myself in front of the whole school by giving gifts to my teachers or to, as my Mom would say, "people who matter."

And why did I find that so embarassing?

It has been a socio-cultural norm in any school to give your teachers gifts for Christmas to somehow improve your grades. Kahit na hindi yun ang intensyon mo kung bakit ka namimigay ng regalo, yun pa rin ang iisipin ng mga tao.

So why did I keep on doing it every year?

It was against my will, actually. Siyempre, ermats ko ang may pakana niyan. Siya naman yung bumibili, eh. She would ask me the same questions a week before the class Christmas party.

"Ilan ang teachers mo?"

"Ilang ang lalake, ilang ang babae?"

"Saan ka ba bumabagsak? Mamahalin natin yung regalo!"

FYI, not everyone gave gifts to teachers. Not so few but not a lot. Kaya kitang-kita kung sinong nagruroom-to-room.

So every last school day of the year, the day when we have our Christmas parties, I would always have a maid come to school with me. Bitbit ko ang mga regalo, bitbit naman niya yung special hotdog and ketchap spaghetti ni yaya.

I didn't have to go "Claus-ing" to pass. I wasn't exactly flunking in any subject, except for Chemistry which I REALLY hated and eventually went bloody red on the third quarter grading period. I was doing well, really. I even got exempted from taking the Trigonometry finals in high school. Math was the only subject I could love.

I don't think the gifts helped anyway. Like what I mentioned, the Chemistry bitch still flunked me on the 3rd grading period... and so did 45% of the whole batch. And how I told my Mom in January that school year that I didn't have my report card with me because I flunked Chem and that she can claim it at the vice-principal's office is another story.

And now my nephews are doing the tradition at their school. My whole family went out for lunch last Sunday. When I saw my sister-in-law talking to the boys while listing down the names of their teachers for their christmas gifts, I was smiling remembering how my Mom used to do the same thing back then.

lunes, diciembre 13, 2004

I'm not donating my HP computer to our office after all. I confirmed with my Mom if she still wants to learn how to use the computer. And her reply was like a thousand angels singing.

"Gusto kong matutong mag-kom-pyuuu-turrrr."

So I'm keeping my HP computer for my Mom's use. I just installed the Wireless LAN card and it's working perfectly. The question now is who should teach my Mom the basics of computer and the internet? Sabi ng kuya ko dapat ako na daw ang mag-turo. Eh kung siya na lang kaya mag-turo?? Baka pagpawisan ako ng dugo kung ako ang magtuturo sa nanay ko. Isn't that the job of the teacher? So, I went to CAL in ATC this afternoon and inquired about their basic computer and internet course. 3k for 10 sessions, 1 hour and a half per session. Package na yung dalawa plus MS Word. Sa 10 sessions, siguro naman may matututunan na ang nanay ko. But it's not sure yet if my mom will agree to going to a computer school. I might end up teaching her.


The guest room near the master's bedroom still has a vacant corner that can fit a small computer table. I'm going to set up her PC there.

Enter my Dad who one time over heard my sister-in-law telling my brother that she caught my nephews, the twins, surfing for porn.

"Sige Myrrrrr-nah. Mag-aral ka ng kom-pyuuu-turrr para maghanap tayo ng BOLD sa in-turrrrr-net."

Ang tatay ko ayaw talagang sumuko. Haaaaaay.
First, the bad news. With the help of my friend B., I was able to access my old HP computer's data hard drive. And much to my disappointment, the original Thailand and China (and etc.) digital photos are no longer there. Actually, the hard drive is EMPTY. My only remaining hope is this software, as B. suggested, that I can download from CNET that helps forcefully read damaged CDs (I have yet to know the name of that software).

The good news is... my HP computer's not busted after all! There was just an error on my hard drive's boot sector that causes it NOT to boot up. Now THAT'S fabulous! Kekekekekeke. But I'm still giving it up for our office's use. It's still a good PC and I have reloaded the factory softwares so it's as good as new. They SHOULDN'T be complaining that I'm giving them a second hand PC. Branded pa rin yan!


I'm not only freeing up room space, I'm also freeing up some cabinet space!

viernes, diciembre 10, 2004

Suffice it to say that I am so disappointed right now. So, I found my Photo Album CD which includes digital pictures I took during my Thailand and China trips more than 2 years ago. But apparently the CD has been damaged SOMEHOW. Even if I stored it with the CD case. It's mind boggling, actually. I've tested it on 3 computers and all 3 can't seem to read the CD. I have lotsa nice pictures from those trips and I regret not making a back-up copy (note: don't use generic CDs if you plan to store precious data).

The only hope that I got to see those digital pictures again is to dismantle my old HP PC (RIP) and check if my 2nd hard drive (which I used as my DATA hard drive) still has those original digital pictures. But I'm too tamad to do that right now. Besides, it's already late. I need my beauty sleep. Not to mention FREAKED OUT after reading Philippine Ghost Stories books 3 and 4.

Oh my gulay. Why did I type that?? I scared myself again!!

[happy thoughts]

[happy thoughts]

[happy thoughts]

[happy thoughts]


Christina must be on her way back to Mexico right now. She did some training in Florida. I have no idea what for exactly but obviously it's work related. She'll be in Manila Tuesday or Wednesday.

I hope she'll have some gay latino porn for me.



We had our company christmas party at Enchant Kingdom last Sunday. It wasn't much of a party. There was a short program but it was only for less than an hour. We didn't want to waste our employees' free rides time. And I had the chance to go karting with my nephews. Kito, the middle kid, was an excellent driver. He never went to the side tracks. Maki, the youngest, took his precious time around the track, waving his hand, ala Miss Universe, every time I pass him by. One of those THINGS that make you go HMMMMM. And Mikko and Mikki, the twins, have the potential to be road kill kings.

The last time I was at EK was early this year with Rusky, Superspy and Kiko. We intended to go karting as our last stop but ended up wet from that silly Wild River ride.

Next time I'm going to EK with the boys, I'm wearing SHORTS!

jueves, diciembre 09, 2004

The end... of... da traysikel

Here is one good reason why tricycles should be banned.

Buwah huwah huwah huwah...!!!!!


This song is dedicated to J:

"Ako... ang nag wagii-i-i-i-i-i-i-iii...!!!!!" - Dulce
I made a loooong and nasty scratch on my floor and I can just imagine my Mom screaming at the top of her Binibining Himagsikang Sta. Rosa Laguna voice:

"@#$%^&*(##... Ang narra floor ko...!!!!!"

DAMN. I should have bought that area rug WEEKS ago. Now, I'm dead. I could cover it with my bed though. FABULOUS. But I would need the help of the maid to lift it. And then SHE would know why I'm moving the bed. And then SHE would tell my mom that I made a nasty scratch on her floor. I would have to kill her. For the good of... me.

Kawawa naman yung puno. Pinatay na nga siya, ginasgasan ko pa. I'm so mean! I need a boyfriend to spank me.


Spank me, spank me! I've been a bad boy. I have been.... Nas-TEH. Yeah...! You like it, duncha? You like spanking me, huh??



Putang ina mo, what's my name?! WHAT'S MY NAME!!!!? SPANK ME!!!!!!


Nang dahil sa gasgas.
I just don't understand how some people, who get less than 7 hours of sleep every night, still manage to stay awake the whole day, have the energy to go to the gym EVERYDAY and remain zit free for the rest of the week!

I wish I could be one of them.

Why? WHY?????!

"Life... is so.... UNFAIR! Waaaaaaahhhh!"

/me flips her long blonde hair and cries like a drama queen.

miércoles, diciembre 08, 2004

Free Space

Since my nephews don't play Ragnarok (except for Maki, the youngest) and network games anymore here at our house, I have decided to "donate" my 2 extra desktop computers to our office (In the first place, I bought those PCs for my nephews. Now that they have served their purpose, I can get rid of them). They badly need new(er) computers, anyway. This will give me more room space. This could also give me a chance to clean up and re-arrange my room. Or maybe get a 2-seater sofa that I've always wanted since we moved back in this street.

I'm keeping the Wireless LAN cards just in case my Mom finally decides to learn how to use the computer (if her sisters can learn it, so can she, di ba?). I could buy her a power pc and install the WiFi card myself. I'll be using the other card for my own computer.

Last night, I was busy refreshing the 2 PCs, reinstalling MS Windows and MS Office and doing Windows Updates before I give them away.

I will miss having a computer in my bathroom. You can use your imagination what I have been doing with THAT computer. Hihihihihihi.

no BT for my LT. :(

I love my gadgets. But my gadgets don't love me. When I buy one, I know that I have some use for it. Of course, I should have one. Expending a 5-digit value on an electronic toy is no gag. It should serve a good purpose.

I have a Compaq Presario laptop which I bought as a gift for myself 3 christmases ago. It was the second most expensive thing that I bought after graduation, next to my HP desktop PC which now rests (in peace) in one of my overhead cabinets. It runs on Windows ME, which is known for crashes every 10 shut downs. But that's alright with me. Considering it's age and the terrible windows operating system version, it's running well. It only needs a 6-thousand pesos memory upgrade which I'm NOT willing to spend on. I sync my iPaq with my Presario via bluetooth. It's so convenient, I don't need to bring the bulky USB cradle when I bring the two to work. But yesterday was another frustration. The laptop couldn't detect my bluetooth and the MS ActiveSync breaks down at start up. I tried the usual remedy of uninstalling and reinstalling both softwares but it seems both have been messed up.

My Mom gave me a Fujitsu lifebook -- the small Centrino-ed one -- last christmas (which has a funny story why she gave me one, by the way) and I could use that for work. But I don't wanna bring that to work. It's too cute eh! Plus, I use that for my multimedia. My digital photos, in particular. And THAT is it's purpose.


I'll try to reinstall my bluetooth and MS ActiveSync one last time. And if THAT won't solve my problem with that laptop then... iiyak na lang ako. :(

martes, diciembre 07, 2004

Saan Galing ang Ginataan?

That 2-hour nap helped a little. I feel better now but with a nagging head ache. I was awaken by a phone call from UNICEF. I gave a donation 2 years ako -- which I totally don't recall anymore, but my MS MONEY records show that I did -- and now they're "thanking" me for that and asking me if I'm interested to donate again.

Offer them a hand, they'll take your arm.

Sorry, I'm being bitter again. At least sa blog ko lang sinasabi, 'no? Waking me up on a perfect slumber is one of the nastiest things one could do to me. With the sleeping disorder that I have, I rarely get a good night's sleep.

Well, I was polite enough to tell Miss Congeniality at the other end of the line to mail me a donation form and my Mom would probably be interested in giving a donation. After 5 minutes of 2-way mega-chika-dora, I went back to my bed. As expected, my brain won't shut down.

I went donwstairs was welcomed by the smell of hot ginataan -- merienda! My Mom was at the dinner table. Tinanong ko siya.

"Saan galing ang ginataan?"

"Hindi ko alam. Nakita ko na lang yan. Regalo yala mula sa Reyna Enkantada."

Ano ba yun! Pati nanay ko rin yata naka tatlong tabletas ng paracetamol.

Nobody ate the ginataan. I had plain baker's sticks (from French Baker) instead.

[pointless blog entry, I KNOW!]


Ewan ko lang kung ganito rin ang napapansin ninyo pero parang maginaw na ang hangin ngayon. Oo, mainit ang araw pero yung simoy ng hangin maginaw. Alas-5 pa lang ng hapon. Naka sweater nga ako ngayon, eh, at pinatay ko na yung electric fan.

Haaaay. Ang sarap sana ng may katabi at kayakap. Kaso, ang baho ng labrador ko. Hindi pa naliligo.

Not enough vitamins... Not enough liiiiife

I must be the weakest dragon child every born.

[Enter chinese dragon drum beat]

A slight shift in the weather can make me physically weak. When I left home early this morning, it seemed that it was going to rain. So I put on a nice thick cotton shirt and brought my jacket with me. Then sometime mid-morning, it started to shine. Wait... Erase that. The sun didn't just shine. It BLAZED throughout Muntinlupa. It was freakin' warm HOT! So as a devoted non-practicing Catholic, I uttered the words:

"What in Doris-the-funky-bisexual-chichuachua's name is going on?"

And before lunch came, I was having a sore throat. The 2nd time this week. Mom insisted that I double the paracetamol dosage. So I popped 2 tablets after lunch and will be staying home for the rest of the afternoon.

I'm such a princess. I'm sensitive not only to sudden weather change, but also to dust, smoke (it's a wonder how I survived Club Bed) and cold drinks (but but but! I love Fraps!).

There are other factors why I'm sick right now. There's the never-ending problem with insomnia. This one is a big mystery for me. My current bed and I have been the best of friends for five years now. I napped on it, played video games on it, made out with boys on it (hihihihihihi), jacked off on it, and of course, slept on it. I can say that my bed and I have a good relationship so I can't blame him/her/it for my insomnia.

Pardon me for my lame reasoning but I think the paracetamol has found it's way to the forbidden parts of my brain.

Uh-oh. I'm getting dizzy.

lunes, diciembre 06, 2004

new blog site

Probably due to it's old age, it has become difficult to post new entries on my first blog site. Therefore, I'm creating and new blog site. Sure, you may be saying walang kwenta naman mga pinagsusulat ko dito. So you may ask... Why do I bother?

And my answer? Ano bang pake mo!? Eh di wag mo basahin blog ko, pakingsheht ka. [harumph!]


Welcome to my new blog. Please update your links.